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Eren Jaeger - ''You...It's been a while'' by KovenantKonceptions
Eren Jaeger - ''You...It's been a while''
So I'm jumping into Attack on Titan fanart. I've never done a illustration of eyes in quite this big a detail, and shading this thing took FOREVER. Actual lines took maybe an hour, hour and a half tops. 

In studying the art of AoT, the thing that definitely jumps out at me is how detailed it is. I admittedly don't watch a ton of different anime, but of the ones I have seen, this show definitely contains the most detailed eyes, and sadly I couldn't capture in pencil just how detailed they did it in this scene. Regular AoT eyes in the show aren't quite as difficult, but they do require more detail and work than say your Dragonball Z or Naruto. I also liked how many different shades of tone and levels of color they have going on. It's looks really good. Shadow isn't limited to one shade.
Attack on Titan is coming to this page!

Been a fan for a while, but for some reason artwork has never been done by me. The first few things I'll do will be references from the show and manga, but eventually I'll be trying to my own sketches of it. I actually think I want to eventually do my first cosplay, which would of course be a scout regiment.
Neji Hyuuga by KovenantKonceptions
Neji Hyuuga
So I was looking through my stats, and holy crap my previous version of this exploded on views. I've no idea how that happened, but I looked at it, and the quality definitely could've been better. So, I grabbed the original sketch out, redrew the lines on it, and did shading and tones again. I lightened the areas on the eye and veins digitally to give it a cool effect, which I could've done traditionally, but alas I didn't have any white gouache or markers.

RIP Neji, and thank you for NaruHina 
Boruto Uzumaki: Snap this! by KovenantKonceptions
Boruto Uzumaki: Snap this!
An original idea, done with another of the new characters by Masashi Kishimoto. Of course this is the eccentric, hyperactive pest that is Naruto's son, but I like him. The sad thing is, normally he'd be justified in how he feels about his father. Truth is though, he's lucky to have his parents, unlike his own father who never did. And being the Hokage unfortunately amounts to about 3 or 4 jobs for Naruto.

So yeah, for this pose I simply took a picture of myself doing it, and used that as a reference. And looked at a few pictures of Boruto. I'm confused about the amount of waves and spikes he has, and that made this troublesome. Took way longer than I'd like to admit too...

Has it been explained what the necklace is yet? Been wondering. Also, because of those slashes on his face, does that mean he has some of the Kyuubi chakra in him? That'd be SICK. I like his hair though, and the attitude to a degree. As long as it doesn't get annoying like Konohamaru's all will be good.

Might get a digital version of this down the line. But I'm enjoying getting back into traditional art right now, and I don't have photoshop right now anyways. Might have to try again with gimp...


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hiya there. You've stumbled onto an anime fanboy's page. I mostly do drawings from references but every now and then I throw a new creation out there. Naruto art is what I do most, but I also will do Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Bleach, and now Fairy Tail! I will draw characters from other shows if asked but I don't do commissions, as I feel I'm not good enough to be paid to draw characters. Again though, if there is something you'd like to seen drawn, just give me a comment and I'll see what I can do! I also am a musician and you can check out my music at Youtube on the channel Faintest of Breath, where I periodically will put up my own stuff.
Okay so I'm looking at a lot of old stuff that I'm looking to re-do, mainly because I'm not getting a lot of inspiration right now. Please, anyone who visits this channel please leave comments about anything comic related you'd like to see me draw. Japanese or American, I'll do both.

Also I've been considering how to do submission processes on this channel. Would people like to see a process where I submit 3 versions of a picture, for instance, a fully traditional penciled sketch with shading and highlights, then a digital line-art of it, then a fully colored digital? Obviously if it's a pre-existing picture or lineart someone else did I wouldn't do that, because it's already created. But if I was to do my own stuff, there could be 3 submissions of the same picture. Would that be overkill?

Also, would people like me to do drawings and digital art of the latest manga chapters of popular series that come out? I've seen it is popular and I've given it a go recently, but my main concern is, EVERYBODY does it. It's not bad art, I see a lot of great stuff, but I hate following the crowd and a trend, especially considering a lot of it is better than mine and I can't make mine better than everybody else. Besides, I'd like to start making my own stuff.

Anyway, ideas and comments PLEASE!!!!!
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