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Levy McGarden 2 by KovenantKonceptions
Levy McGarden 2
Don't know why I keep thinking her last name is TEAgarden but anyway. I said I'd have a colored version of my sketch, and guess what? I got a colored version of my sketch!

I mentioned that I love Levy's hair, but holy CRAP is it a pain to draw and color. That took me forever to get it how I liked it. But I like it. Also I used a filter I've never used before and it looks really nice. I almost doubled on it but I wanted the original art to still be the focus.

Gajeel you're a lucky man!
Ultimate Spider-Man! by KovenantKonceptions
Ultimate Spider-Man!
Here he is! My all-time favorite hero from my all-time comic book series. The Ultimate Spider-Man! Not that Miles Morales fake, but Peter Parker!

Originally I had done my own sketch of this and had the lines done in photoshop, but, well, I hated it. So I took the original artists inks (whoever it was; looks like a J Scott Campbell piece almost, but probably Mark Bagley) and went over them, and I became the colorist for the title hehe. No background, as what I wanted to didn't gel with the pic well. Plus I'd been on this for three days now.

In all my years of drawing I'd never sat down and done a full piece of this character, who's been with me since my childhood. I'm happy to say mission accomplished! And it turned out pretty well!
Levy McGarden by KovenantKonceptions
Levy McGarden
OH MAH GAWSH! Ol' Kovenant drew some Animu!!!

I gotta say, the thing I love about Levy, aside from just her overall cuteness, is her hair. I love the design they did with her, and the color, which, by the way...THIS WILL BE COLORED. Sometime...

I was actually working on a Spider-man drawing, and I got discouraged, so I went to something else! I've been thinking about drawing Levy for a while, and it was between he and Android 18, but I ended up drawing this chick. I do need to a besties drawing with her and Lucy I think...

So yeah two art pieces in a week. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?
Ultimate Venom by KovenantKonceptions
Ultimate Venom
I couldn't decide which version I liked better, SO I combined the versions and now have uploaded both. I'm not saying I'm for sure back, but I've been thinking about doing some artwork stuff. Got quite a few pictures I found that I want to do my own versions of, or at least my own colorings, so I thought I'd get some practice in. Plus I've had some free time between my job and my youtube videos come up so...

Anyway, about this dude: I LOVE VENOM! I got Wolverine and Nightcrawler on here, so here's another character in my top 5 down. This is the iconic pose that was on issue #35 of Ultimate Spider-Man, as well as certain covers of the Ultimate Spider-Man video game. I'd had the base colors of this in my laptop for MONTHS, so I went ahead and finished this pic off. I liked the background of the right but for some reason the left Venom looks better.

Oh well, at least there isn't TWO of Venom, unlike this pic.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hiya there. You've stumbled onto an anime fanboy's page. I mostly do drawings from references but every now and then I throw a new creation out there. Naruto art is what I do most, but I also will do Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Bleach, and now Fairy Tail! I will draw characters from other shows if asked but I don't do commissions, as I feel I'm not good enough to be paid to draw characters. Again though, if there is something you'd like to seen drawn, just give me a comment and I'll see what I can do! I also am a musician and you can check out my music at Youtube on the channel Faintest of Breath, where I periodically will put up my own stuff.
Okay so I'm looking at a lot of old stuff that I'm looking to re-do, mainly because I'm not getting a lot of inspiration right now. Please, anyone who visits this channel please leave comments about anything comic related you'd like to see me draw. Japanese or American, I'll do both.

Also I've been considering how to do submission processes on this channel. Would people like to see a process where I submit 3 versions of a picture, for instance, a fully traditional penciled sketch with shading and highlights, then a digital line-art of it, then a fully colored digital? Obviously if it's a pre-existing picture or lineart someone else did I wouldn't do that, because it's already created. But if I was to do my own stuff, there could be 3 submissions of the same picture. Would that be overkill?

Also, would people like me to do drawings and digital art of the latest manga chapters of popular series that come out? I've seen it is popular and I've given it a go recently, but my main concern is, EVERYBODY does it. It's not bad art, I see a lot of great stuff, but I hate following the crowd and a trend, especially considering a lot of it is better than mine and I can't make mine better than everybody else. Besides, I'd like to start making my own stuff.

Anyway, ideas and comments PLEASE!!!!!
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